Pearls of Wisdom is filled with wonderfully practical advice. Each chapter deals with a particular area or challenge of life, and author Terry Sweeney never leaves his readers guessing as to how to face and fix life’s problems.

Written against the backdrop of a fully and boldly lived life, Pearls takes tough issues head-on, issues such as the secrets we all keep (even to the point of poisoning our souls), the need to forgive others––even the most difficult people in our lives, and how to set compelling goals in our on-going effort to become better people.

With a background as a U.S. Marine aviator, stock broker, and successful entrepreneur, this book puts Terry on the map with other writers from the business world who have learned and shared much. As you read these pages, you may be reminded of Og Mandino or Napoleon Hill.

Terry Sweeney is also a man of faith. This is, in fact, the driving force in his daily life. He loves God, others, and this country with all his heart.

Readers of Pearls of Wisdom will soon place it among their most valuable “go-to” books. Once you pick it up, you won’t be able to put it down.

Some of the folks I mention in my book, also have books out themselves. Therefore, if you are interested in their books, simply right click your mouse on their name, then hit the ‘open hyperlink in new tab.’

Dennis Prager  Norman Vincent Peale  Oprah Winfrey  Napoleon Hill

John Bradshaw  John Wooden  Nolan Ryan  Og Mandino  St. John Paul II

Ally Carter  Billy Crystal   Benjamin Franklin   Melody Beattie  George Will

Peggy Noonan  Woody Allen  Bishop Robert Barron  Tiger Woods

I sincerely trust you will find the chapters that can help you most, as I was able to do, by just doing/learning some simple principles.

May God Bless you always,